Things you can do!

Weed Boy says ”Get Involved!”


Are you:

  • A volunteer looking to help out with a survey
  • A student or university looking for related research projects
  • An employee with environmental leave to use
  • An interested company/organisation who have experienced INNS and want to help
  • A community group that want to clear weeds from your area
  • A school interested in fitting INNS education into your syllabus

We are looking for people from all areas and of all ages to help with:

Surveys, Publicity, Education, Event organisation, Funding, Research… Plus much more!

If you are interested in helping out then please contact us via the contact page.



Some events will be planned for the summer months. Watch this space for dates and details.


We need as many volunteers as we can get to help us with our surveys between June and September. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.


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